Vibro stone columns (VSC’s) are a ground improvement technique which improves weak soils with the installation of densely compacted columns made from stone or aggregate via vibration.

The vibrating vibroflot on the purpose built rig penetrates the ground until reaching the required design depth for the columns, the vibroflot is then raised out of the hole and aggregate is poured in via a hopper on the rig, the vibroflot is then lowered again compacting the stone within the soils around it, this process is repeated until there is a densely compacted column created. The stone columns and the confining soils form an integrated foundation support system having low compressibility, improved load bearing capacity and decreased settlement. In cohesive soils the columns act as reinforcement and provide a drainage path for excess pore water. The columns therefore form to allow the use of shallow strip foundations to be used and can also provide a solid base for a large area e.g. warehouse floor area, carpark or embankment.

Roxborough vibro stone columns illustration

Why Vibro Stone Columns?

  • A very versatile ground improvement method that can be adjusted to a wide variety of soil conditions and foundation requirements. 
  • A time and cost-effective solution when dealing with poor ground. As there is no spoil ensures no expensive waste to landfill. The method enables the contractor to utilise standard shallow footings which, in turn, leads to additional savings.
  • Vibro Stone Columns require no cement, concrete or steel, along with being spoil free considerably reduces the carbon footprint to make Vibro Stone Columns a very sustainable solution. Recycled aggregate can also be used for installation when available.
  • Lower noise and vibration compared to traditional piling methods, this makes it an ideal method for works near existing buildings or environments.
  • All our Vibro Stone Columns are installed using a Data Logger, which measures the depth and pressure exerted at each stage of the process ensuring the integrity of every Column. This data is then converted into a simple report which can be emailed straight from site, seconds after the Column is Installed